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We light the way

Yellow Dog Training & Services

Training Services

  • Arc Flash Training
  • Gold Shovel Training
  • H2S Clear Training
  • IS NET World Compliance
  • Low Voltage - High Voltage Training
  • Medic First Aid and CPR Training
  • Midstream Training
  • Monthly/Weekly Safety Meetings
  • OQ Training
  • PEC SafeGulf Training
  • PEC/Veriforce Compliance
  • Pipeline Training
  • Safety manuals

About Us

Yellow Dog Training & Services is a proud sister company of Permian Fire & Safety that holds all certifications required by oilfield companies in order to operate.  Yellow Dog is an in depth, one-on-one type training service that allows clients to customize their safety plans according to their individual needs and required certifications.

Yellow Dog History

The story behind the Yellow Dog company name tells of interesting oilfield history while respecting how much we’ve learned since then and how far we’ve come in the world of safety and training.

The two-headed kerosene kettle seen in the Yellow Dog logo represents the early days of the oilfield, dating back to the 1920’s and 1930’s. The lamp was designed for illuminating places outdoors, especially in and around derricks, and machinery in the oil regions, where explosions are more dangerous and destructive to life and property than in most other places.

Some historical references claim the lanterns were so named because of their two burning wicks which resembled a dog’s glowing eyes at night. Other oil patch lore says the lamps cast a dog’s head shadow on the derrick floor.

Today, we respect and value the developments made in safety and training. To us, the “Yellow Dog” still burns today. At Yellow Dog Safety & Training, we’re here to light the way to safety.

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